New generation Waterproof EcoMax

Our Waterproof luminaire in "sealed-for-life" concept now with improved design and efficacy.
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Explore the new generation Waterproof EcoMax: Designed with a "sealed-for-life" concept, this robust fixture ensures maximum durability, perfect for demanding environments. The Waterproof EcoMax now boasts an improved efficacy of up to 150 lm/W, making it not only reliable but also energy-efficient.

Installation is now much easier with the new twist-and-lock endcap. This new generation also introduces power switch versions, offering greater control and flexibility to meet diverse lighting needs. The Waterproof EcoMax now features a high output version, delivering an impressive 8,250lm output, ideal for areas needing bright illumination.

Durability is assured with vandal-proof stainless steel ceiling and suspension clips. The fixture also includes 3x2.5mm² throughwiring, making installation and connectivity more efficient.Discover more about the Waterproof EcoMax


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